Sacred Heart Enthronement

What is Enthronement of the Sacred Heart?

It is a method by which an individual, a family, a school, or even a business can enter into a period of prayer and, guided by our Lay Missionaries, enthrone, or put in a place of honor, an image of Our Lord’s Sacred Heart.

As the Catholic Church sets out upon the New Evangelization called for by Blessed John Paul II and is guided by our Holy Father Pope Francis as we seek to restore the place of Honor that rightly belongs to Our Lord. The Sacred Heart is a remedy for the problems that so many encounter and face in today’s world. By drawing close to Jesus’s Heart we seek not only a place of refuge and consolation but we also seek to be strengthened by Him so as to bring Him to those whom we meet day in and day out.

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How can I have the Sacred Heart enthroned in my home?

Contact our parish enthronement team, Chip and Sue Stalter, MSH: 614-898-9914.

Can I become part of an enthronement team?

Since we anticipate that many parishioners will want to have their homes enthroned, it would be beneficial to have more teams from SJN. We are seeking couples and individuals. This is a wonderful ministry and a blessing for both of us! Should you be interested in this participating in assisting in reclaiming the world for the Sacred Heart by becoming a team member, we invite you to contact Chip and Sue Stalter at the address above.

What is Sacred Heart Columbus?

Sacred Heart Columbus is an Apostolic Organization of Priests, Deacons and Lay men and women dedicated to bringing Our Lord’s Sacred Heart into every home, school and business. Our efforts are centered on bringing Christ into the center of the world through the prayers of Mary Immaculate, under the title of Our Lady of Fatima. We assist those interested in making the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ the center of reality by promoting the practice of the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus I implore, that I may ever love Thee more and more!



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