Disciple-Maker Summit

Choose Today:  The mission of St. John Neumann is to Make Disciples and Disciple-Makers. 

On August 2, 2017, we will celebrate our role as disciple-makers through our first St. John Neumann Disciple-Maker Summit.  This special evening will rejuvenate you and equip you with the vision as we prepare for programs starting soon.  Opening remarks begin at 6PM in the church.  Father Noble will offer Mass followed by light dinner while we fellowship with other disciples of the parish.  The summit includes a talk by well-known local Catholic speaker Dan DeMatte, a testimony and time for Adoration and prayer.  All are invited to join us from 6-9 pm for this inspiring event.  There is no registration fee, but we do request that you register here so we can prepare for hospitality needs.

Who are Disciple-Makers?  Disciple-makers are those who are currently active in programs at St. John Neumann, or those who are growing in faith and feeling called to become more active in order to bring others closer to Jesus.  Here are few examples of how disciple-makers fill this role at St. John Neumann:

  • Lead a program, session or function
  • Facilitate a Discipleship Group (TMIY, WWP, Alpha, etc)
  • Catechist for PSR, Mission, Chosen or yDisciple
  • Hospitality at SJN
  • Outreach to the Poor
  • Administrative Leader or Coordinator
  • Festival, Men’s Club, Women’s Club, Knights or other Parish Committee
  • Mentor Couple
  • Evangelization Team
  • Unbound or Healing Prayer Minister
  • Everyone and Anyone who is willing to invite others to an encounter with Jesus; inviting others to the Christian Life; accompanying and helping those who are seeking; spiritual mentoring others.

 We are all continually growing in our spiritual lives and looking for opportunities for evangelization.  The Lord is calling you to surrender to self and turn your life over to Him.  You can do this through your efforts to:

  • Strive for holiness: recognize the gap between yourself and Christ and strive to narrow the gap
  • Daily reliance on prayer: two-way conversation with God to come to know yourself and others as Christ knows us
  • Read Scripture daily
  • Regular reception of the Sacraments, including Mass and Reconciliation
  • On-going desire to study, learning about faith, saints, Church history, Bible study, and Catechism
  • Adoration
  • Use the gifts of time, talent and treasure God has given you to serve others
  • Testify to others what God has done in your life
  • Invite others to the Christian life
  • Evangelize! Share “How has God changed your Life”
  • Live intentionally for Christ
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Unbound
  • Cum Cristo
  • Relit
  • Christlife
  • Adoremus
  • Service to others through ministry and outreach is being fed

This is an on-going continual process until you reach the goal of heaven!

Please join us for the Summit on August 2.  Contact Jackie Sutton with any questions for assistance with registering for this event.