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Many Catholics are new to the concept of evangelization, but Catholics were actually the first evangelizers.  The twelve that Jesus spent most of his time with during his ministry were trained to spread the good news.  Christ founded the Church and sent his apostles out to evangelize the world.  We are called by our baptism to do the same.

How do we evangelize today?  Through our relationships!  We reach one soul at a time, beginning with our own.  How is  your relationship with the Trinity?  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit:  the perfect relationship.  The Holy Spirit is the agent of evangelization and critical in our relationship with the Lord.  We want you to encounter the Living God in your relationships–in the sacraments, at Mass, in our parish community, and in our homes, but primarily, in our hearts.  This all begins with prayer.

There are many ways to pray and many opportunities for prayer at St. John Neumann.  Our Eucharistic Adoration Chapel is open 24/7.  Jesus is here waiting just for you; sitting at the feet of Christ is a game-changer.

Did you know our parish staff prays for parishioners by name?  And, at each Mass, you can offer a prayer (private or specific) for someone sitting near you, and they can offer a prayer for you and your family throughout Mass.  Many continue to pray for the intentions of others during the week.  This makes our parish smaller as we reach out to each other and lift one another up in prayer.

Whether it is healing prayer, intercessory prayer, spoken prayer, recited prayer, silent prayer, or spontaneous prayer, evangelization begins with prayer.

We welcome the opportunity to meet new parishioners and families an welcome them as they journey toward heaven.  How can you be welcoming?  Please reach out to others at church, during Mass, or at our parish events and get to know them.  Invite friends and neighbors to join you at the Parish Festival, Speaker Series, or other parish events.  If you can be of help in any way to new parishioners, please offer.  We want everyone to feel welcome at St. John Neumann.

Would you like to be part of our New Member Welcome, or our Hospitality Ministry before and after Masses?  Please contact Jackie Sutton.

Do you have a Glory Story about how Christ has worked in your life?  Do you need guidelines on how to accompany another in their faith walk?  Would you like a simple resource about how to encourage another to the Ultimate Relationship with Christ?

Please join us in spreading the good news!



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