Parish Lenten Mission

We live in a world that largely ignores God. How can we begin to talk about God in our homes, workplaces, schools, and the world–and  have a relationship with God–in ways that make sense and can withstand indifference and even hostility?

Join us for our Parish Lenten Mission at 7 pm each evening, Sunday, March 12 through Tuesday, March 14.  Father Thomas Blau, a Dominican priest from St. Patrick’s Church in Columbus, will lead our Mission, focusing on Proofs for God.

Fr. Blau was designated as a “Missionary of Mercy” by Pope Francis in 2015, and recently served as Campus Chaplain at Ohio Dominican University in Columbus. He led the most recent men’s and women’s retreats here at SJN.  Even if you’ve heard Fr. Blau before, he will always have something new and original to say in his ongoing work to challenge people to consider God and what He has to offer.